Oval Brushes Review

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d review some brushes which are proving to be super popular at the minute- the Oval Brushes. Yes I know, I’m a little late to be jumping on the bandwagon! But when I saw some online recently I couldn’t resist snapping them up, and giving you guys a totally honest first impressions review.

I brought my brushes from a website based in Norway at what I thought was a reasonable price of £40. My first impressions on arrival weren’t great! The brushes had been packaged in a cardboard box which had been pretty damaged in the post, which kinda ruined the visual aesthetics.

Upon taking the brushes out of the packaging, I noticed that the handles were made out of a very thin and flimsy plastic. However the brush hair was nice and soft and felt a good quality. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t take long to realise that I’d definitely been conned with the particular set of brushes that I’d bought, having found the exact same set on ebay for £10! (Note to everyone who is looking to buy some oval brushes- go for the branded ones or don’t pay as much as I did for non-branded!)


So, I decided to carry on with my review for the sake of seeing what oval brushes are actually like to use as a substitute for my normal brushes. In my set I received a number of oval shaped brushes varying from tiny to tennis ball sized, and three small slim brushes which I presumed were for nose contouring and stuff like that.

One thing I can say to you guys is that switching from your normal, everyday brushes to a completely new set of Oval Brushes is so, so weird. It took me a while to suss out what I could use each brush for. Finally I decided on three of the medium sized brushes for my foundation, contouring and highlighting, and used the smaller brushes for nose contouring.


EASE OF USE 4/10: Now, as much as I love trying out new make up brushes, I’m not sure whether I liked the concept of the Oval Brushes. When applying my foundation, I mourned for my beauty blender. When contouring, I craved my powdered bronzer whilst reluctantly applying cream contour. My nose contouring went terribly. Maybe this is just something that comes over time, but I found myself longing for my old brushes pretty much straight away. For me, the application was quite difficult. The shape of the brushes meant that it was really hard to get to all the parts of my face (probably why there were so many different sizes) and I found it almost impossible to blend anything without the rest of my makeup being rubbed off.

SELECTION OF BRUSHES 7/10: The selection of brushes (10 in total) was great. There was a number of different sizes and shapes to choose from, with small sizes for the more tricky parts of your face and bigger sizes for other parts. However, the one thing I would have liked to see is some brushes for eyeshadow.

PACKAGING AND APPEARANCE 3/10: As mentioned previously, the packaging of the brushes was a huge disappointment! The thin cardboard box was easily damaged in the post and meant that a few of the brushes’ bristles were dented. The appearance of the brushes was what can only be described as alright. The colour was nice (who doesn’t like the colour black) though the design was slightly on the simple side.

QUALITY OF BRUSHES 6/10: One of the major things which let these brushes down was the thin, flimsy plastic handles. It made applying make up more difficult as I had to hold the handle a lot further up and focus on not applying too much pressure when doing so. However, the actual bristles were nice and soft and felt nice on my face.


Overall, it’s fair to say that these brushes were a bit of a letdown! For me, I was super relieved to go back to my regular brushes, however I still use a couple of my brushes for the odd moments when I want to cream contour. My advice would be don’t knock them till you try them! Some people may have a totally different opinion to me- however if you’re sworn on using your beauty blender and sponges, these probably aren’t the brushes for you!

So long, Oval Brushes

-Em x


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