Some of the best Highstreet Dupes

Hi everyone,

As a student at Derby uni, I know all to well how it feels to be a poor girl with a very expensive habit. Make up has been one of my biggest passions for the past three years or so- I dread to think about the amount that I’ve spent over all that time trying to find the right product for me! When my student loan came through in September, it took ALL of my self control to refrain myself from running straight to my nearest beauty store and spending the lot (though I admit that I may have spent a little bit).

However, after being a student for almost three months, this experience has given me a much better knowledge of high street brands, and I’m ready to share it with you guys! I will be giving a completely HONEST review of some of the best (and worst) dupes on the market. So, without further ado…



Dupe: Naked 3 Palette (£40)


As soon as someone mentions the word dupe, the Sleek make up palettes are always the first thing to pop up into my head, so they’re definitely worthy of being first place on my list! I especially found that this i-Divine palette is so similar to the Naked 3 one and what’s even better, both eyeshadows last for a super long time and are easy to apply.


SLEEK: 7/10. Once applied, this eyeshadow tends to look great for around four to five hours. After that, although the colour is still there, my eyelids start to look like they need a topup- things start to get a little creased.

NAKED 3: 8/10. I found that the Naked 3 palettes gave pretty much the exact same wear-time as the Sleek ones. And with one costing around £40 and the other one costing just under £10, this is definitely something to take note of!

Easy to Apply?

SLEEK: 8/10. Although these shadows are super pigmented and don’t require much build up, I found that they were slightly harder to blend than those in the Naked Palette. However once applied the colours look amazing and look indistinguishable from those in the Naked 3 Palette.

NAKED 3: 10/10. There’s something about the creamy, smooth consistency of the eyeshadow in the Naked palettes which just makes it so easy to apply. These palettes are hyped up for a reason- they’re definitely the one worthy investment I would recommend for all those who are looking to buy some high-end makeup.


Dupe: Naked Basics 1&2 (£23 each)

Another one of my favourite brands on the highstreet right now it Makeup Revolution. They have such a massive choice of eyeshadow palettes out there, with some costing as little as £4! This Flawless Palette in particular caught my eye, as there are plenty of dark reds and browns which are perfect for autumn/winter. With a huge shade of light and dark matte browns, it’s a perfect dupe for the Naked Basics 1 and 2 palettes.


MAKE UP REVOLUTION: 7/10. Although this eyeshadow looks pretty when first applied, its thick texture means that creasing is very likely- so be prepared to take your blender brush with you everywhere you go! However for the price and the huge amount of colours you get with this palette, a little extra touching up here and there is definitely worth it!

NAKED BASICS: 9/10. One more, the Naked Palettes take the crown for durability, lasting for around 4 to 5 hours before needing a top up. The basics palettes are brilliantly versatile and can be used for a perfect look, day or night.

Easy to Apply?

MAKE UP REVOLUTION: 7/10. The super pigmented eyeshadows don’t require much build-up at all, however similar to Sleek, this makes blending slightly more difficult, especially with the darker matte colours.

NAKED BASICS: 10/10. These palettes are my holy grail when it comes to blending! The shade Naked 2 (confusing, I know) is my ultimate favourite- I’ll use this in my crease pretty much every day.



Dupe: Estee Lauder Doublewear (£28-£40)

I was so overjoyed when I came across this foundation. I was absolutely in love with my Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation but was in desperate need of a cheaper alternative. After loads of research and reading reviews I came across Revlon Colourstay. One beauty blogger claims that the people behind Estee Lauder also run Revlon, so it makes perfect sense for this foundation to be the cheaper alternative.


REVLON COLOURSTAY: 8/10. Out of all the highstreet foundations I have owned, this little beauty is definitely one of the most long-lasting. Its matte texture means that it’s perfect for people who have oily/combination skin like me. (Don’t worry, there’s also an option for those who have dry skin too!) I find that the foundation tends to look good for around 6 hours before it starts to crease- perfect for a night out or day to day wear.

DOUBLEWEAR: 10/10. It is very hard to fault such a brilliant product. This foundation has me looking almost airbrushed in pictures and is brilliant at staying in place on those drunken student nights out. What’s more, my face stays matte-looking and smooth- without the shinyness that you get from other foundations.

Easy to Apply?

REVLON COLOURSTAY: 10/10. This product has just been given a pump, which means distributing the foundation onto my beauty blender has never been easier! I find that one pump is usually enough for my whole face.

DOUBLEWEAR: 10/10. Not to be outshined, Doublewear also comes with a pump which makes the product super easy to apply.





If you’re looking for a matte lipstick in a similar shade to those nudes from Estee Lauder, look no further! Rimmel London teamed up with Kate Moss earlier last year to produce a whole range of matte nude lippies for us girls.


RIMMEL LONDON: 4/10. After finding pretty much the exact same shade as my original Estee Lauder lippie, I really wanted this match from Kate Moss to be worth it. Unfortunately, my expectations just didn’t live up to reality. Upon applying, the colour looked great and pretty pigmented, however after about an hour everything began to fade, disappearing almost immediately when i had a quick snack and a drink.

ESTEE LAUDER PURE COLOUR ENVY: 7/10. For me, I’m still searching for a lipstick which lasts all day and is smudge proof, waterproof, food-proof… ( you get the gist!) So far, Pure Colour Envy is the best I’ve found for durability. This lipstick just about survives the eating and drinking test- fading a little but still remaining! After around 3 hours or so I usually require a top up, so it’s handy to carry your lippie wherever you go.

Easy to Apply?

RIMMEL LONDON: 7/10. This product takes on the generic lippie shape which makes it super easy to apply. However fiddly areas such as the corners of the lips may require some extra help from a lip brush.

ESTEE LAUDER PURE COLOUR ENVY: 7/10. Likewise to the Rimmel London lipstick, Pure Colour Envy takes on the generic lipstick shape and its smooth, creamy texture is great for getting into all the creases of your lips. I usually finish off using a lip brush just to smooth thigs over.


Dupe: Estee Lauder Doublewear Stay-In-Place Lip Pencil (£15-£25)

I’m always on the hunt for a new lipliner, so I was super curious to try out this absolute bargain of a product, bought for only £1 in wilkos! For the price you can’t be expecting much, but I had a friend who wore the liner all the time (and actually substituted it for a lipstick) and it looked amazing, so I was desperate to try it out for myself. Once more, I will be comparing this to (you guessed it) my Estee Lauder Stay-In-Place Lip Pencil. (I think you guys may have figured out by now what my favourite high end brand is!)


ESSENCE: 3/10. What can we expect from lipliner that costs a pound? I was pleasantly surprised by how well this lipliner colour showed up, however the product just didn’t last long at all! I found that I was applying and re-applying at least an hour after I had last done it. For the money it’s a definite bargain- but don’t expect this lipliner to be brilliantly durable!

STAY-IN-PLACE LIP PENCIL: 7/10. The creamy texture of this lipliner keeps my lips feeling moisturised and doesn’t dry them out, with the product lasting for two or three hours before requiring a touch up. Eating and drinking also doesn’t budge the colour that much out of place.

Easy to Apply?

ESSENCE: 9/10. The generic pencil shape makes this product to easy to apply, and is easy to fill in fine lines and oultline the edges of my lips.

STAY-IN-PLACE LIP PENCIL: 7/10. The easy to use pencil glides onto my lips thanks to the silky-smooth texture, making the lipliner super easy to apply. However, my only criticism is that this product doesn’t seem to sharpen well with my regular lipliner sharpener, which leads me to believe that Estee Lauder have their own sharpener which they want you to invest in.

Well there you have it- my favourite dupes. Thanks for reading and I hope you found this useful!

-Em x




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