Em’s Outfit Diary: Keeping it Casual

Hello lovelies,

Any of you who have read Laur’s previous post will know that last Wednesday was super cold in Nottingham! But, determined not to let the weather get in the way of our plans, and bundled up in Laur’s favourite puffer jacket, I jumped on the train from Derby to Notts for Laur and I’s weekly meetup.

For my outfit of the week, I decided to keep things casual. I’ve been wearing jeans religiously recently and my legs have started to feel super sore and claustrophobic (anyone else get that?) so I decided to give them a break and give my leggings from Pretty Little Thing their first outing. Ridiculously, I bought these leggings way over two months ago, but they have been sitting in my wardrobe since the minute they arrived in the post. Why? I couldn’t tell you! I’ve found that leggings tend to become pretty worn and start to fade very fast, so maybe I was saving them for a special occasion. But after realising that at least 3 months down the line, I hadn’t found any occasion special enough to wear them (Uni lectures and a part time job are pretty much the highlight of my life right now) I mentally prepared an outfit in my head and retrieved them from under the slowly-growing mound of clothes in my wardrobe.

Keeping in relation to the clothes I buy and then neglect to live a life in the bottom of my wardrobe theme, I decided to pair my leggings with an oversized denim jacket from Topshop. I absolutely adore this jacket, however I don’t wear it often for two reasons:

  1. In the UK, it tends to be either so cold that you have to wear a coat, or warm enough that you don’t have to bother with anything. Is it just me that feels like jacket-wearing season isn’t a thing over here?
  2. I don’t own many things that I could piece this with. Lame excuse, I know. But most days I’m feeling lazy and just go for the obvious outfit pairings.

Finally, I finished off my look with a pair of trainers from Wish and a cropped, grey shirt from New Look. 

March 1st 3March 1st 4

All in all, I really liked this outfit. As someone who usually goes for a more slightly feminine, girly approach to clothes, this look was a little out of my comfort zone, but I’m really pleased with the outcome! What do you guys think?

-Em x



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