Laur’s Outfit Diary: The Day I Stole Em’s Coat


March 1st 2

Happy Wednesday beauties! As the weather in the UK is still as colddd as ever, I thought I’d share last week’s look with you all- the one where I stole Em’s coat.
Can I say, I am so sad Em found this coat before me. She got it from New Look at a time when I had no money and I didn’t even know of its existence (!!!) until she came to visit me wearing it on Wednesday. Now on this particular day, it wasn’t exactly warm, and I hadn’t dressed for the weather (as usual). Em was channelling some weird warm vibes so she leant me the coat and the rest is history.
Joking, she won’t let me keep it. I even tried to buy it off her and she said no.
I actually used to really hate the puffer jacket style. I used to wonder why anyone would want to wear anything that looked like they had rolls of fat all round the top half of their body. But then they became the in thing to wear, and designers made them look REALLY good. Queue frantic searching on Wish for a pretty one, buying a white one with a fur hood, and having an absolute freak out when I discovered it had been sent to London accidentally and the cheeky recipient had actually taken MY COAT!
I got my refund, but by that time I was thinking: “It’s nearly spring anyway, I can wait this out.” Famous last words. It’s been so cold recently that Em’s coat felt like some sort of gift from heaven.
In this look I paired my trusty Topshop jeans (seriously guys, they’re the stretchiest, comfiest things in the world so I apologize if I wear them all the time) with a Hollister lace shirt over a vest from Miss Selfridge. I finished my look with some black heels from Primark and a necklace. I actually love the way the coat brightened up my otherwise monochrome outfit.
Who am I kidding, I just love the coat.
Hope everyone’s weeks are going well!
Laur x

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