Em’s Outfit Diary: UNSEEN PICS from our holiday!

Hi everyone,

So July is here, and it’s safe to say that my holiday to Spain with Laur feels like an absolute lifetime ago. So long, in fact, that we’ve finally had to stop posting throwback pics onto our Instagram, despiteย the fact that we still have so many different outfits left to show you guys!

I thought the best way to still make the most of our pics would be to put them all into a blog post for you guys to see. I’m getting major holiday blues whilst writing this; anyone who’s travelling soon got room for me in their suitcase?

The head-to-toe in Primark look:

For anyone who’s familiar with me and Laur’s taste in fashion, you’ll know that we’re not ones to shy away from cheaper clothing shops such as Primark, and I loved that this whole outfit (minus the New Look bag) was a complete bargain and came to well under ยฃ50! In the past I tended to stay away from long skirts when in hot countries, thinking that the extra material would make me warmer- but boy was I wrong! Turns out that the skirt actually kept me cool whilst walking, and the loose, light material helped to create a breeze for my legs. Now I know why people in places like India and Egypt keep themselves well covered.

The Primark Bikini

Okay, so when I talked about me and Laur’s love for Primark, I just want to point out that this isn’t the ONLY shop we buy things from (although it may seem that way). However, I simply can’t avoid Primark when I’m after a good bargain bikini. As someone who isn’t the most body confident person in the world, I loved how this bikini totally flattered my body shape, accentuating my bum, and providing light padding in the top so that I didn’t look totally flat chested.

The you-can-totally-see-my-bra playsuit:

On the subject of boobs and flat-chested-ness, I had a couple of issues with this evening wear playsuit from Sheslovely.co.uk. Although I was absolutely in love with the style, fit and colour, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who doesn’t have much of a *ahem* bust. I wore this for a curry night in the evening, however whilst I was trying to enjoy my food, I couldn’t help wishing that I’d have packed a safety pin or two to stop the rest of the poor souls in the restaurant catching repeated glimpses of my bra.

Well, that seems to be the end of my pictures! Now I think it’s finally time for me to accept that my body won’t be seeing any kind of decent sun until next year. Thanks for reading!

Talk soon,

Em x


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