Trying Out Anatomicals Hair Masks!

If you live in the UK and like to try out the latest products to keep your skin, hair and body healthy, there’s a chance you will have heard of Anatomicals. Anatomicals is a quirky, modern hair & bodycare company known mostly for its colourful packaging, exotic scents and crazy captions (that will be explained in a moment!).

Like most girls I know, I spend half of my living existence fretting that my hair is either a: falling out, b: getting thinner or c: not growing when I want it to. So when Em and I were given the opportunity to try out a couple of Anatomicals’ most popular hair masks, of course I jumped to the chance, and told Em that would handle this review, thanks. To get the disclaimer out of the way, Em and I didn’t pay for the hair masks, however nor are we being paid to say something about these masks that isn’t true- all of the below is our own opinions only! Now let’s get into the review.

1. What we received 

Em and I received two hair masks, one phoaw! not straw restorative avocado and wheat germ hair mask (I told you they were exotic), and one giving good head deep conditioning coconut and honey hair mask. Having two was quite handy as it meant we could try one out each (although I got first pick of the scent as the official product reviewer in this instance). As I’m writing this review, it’s going to be focused mostly on the coconut & honey hair mask as that’s the one I chose to review.


2. Packaging and appearance

It’s safe to say Anatomicals like to go all out there with their product packaging. My dad laughed for about five minutes straight at the “giving good head” caption on the conditioning coconut hair mask, but that’s what the packaging is for- to stand out, and give the reader something to have a childish snigger about. The packaging of both masks was vibrant, colourful and contained a good helping of the product to last for a few days to a week. The only thing that slightly annoyed me about it is that because of the design, you can’t stand it up, and as someone with several bathroom neatness OCD traits, it was a little frustrating to have to squeeze the hair mask between other shampoo bottles to keep it upright.


3. Application

The application was a bit of a slippery process, but that didn’t matter too much to me, because the scent was AMAZING. I’ve always had a bit of a coconut scent obsession anyway, and I loved the way in this instance it was combined with the honey scent- the mix of the two was divine. I applied the mask a bit at a time, and soon found I didn’t need much to get a full coverage, which made me happy as it meant I could use the mask again later in the week. It felt nice and thick on my hair which is always a good thing; I always say that the thinner the product, the less likely it is to have an effect on my hair.

4. The result

The day after using the mask for the first time, I’ve got to admit, I was a little disappointed that my hair was still as knotty as ever and difficult to tame the next morning. I think I was hoping for some sort of miracle, or something. That said, I loved that I could still smell the coconutty honey scent on my hair when I woke up that morning- we all know how rare it is to find a hair product with a long-lasting smell. After two applications, my hair was looking a little shinier. My manager at work actually asked if I’d dyed my hair again, so something must have been going right!

I’m yet to do a third application, but I can definitely see the benefits of using one of Anatomicals’ hair masks on a regular basis. I wouldn’t say it works miracles, but to get a product that does that, more often than not, you have to pay quite a fortune. For £7.50 a pack, the giving good head deep conditioning coconut and honey hair mask worked like an expensive conditioner, so I’d say you get what you pay for, for sure. Would I buy it again? As soon as I’ve got the money to part with (and as soon as it comes back in stock on Asos), definitely.

Have you tried any Anatomicals products? Feel free to comment with any recommendations if there’s something you have and love!





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