Floating in Heaven with Justfab

Em and I might shop predominantly at the common high street stores, but that doesn’t mean we’re not always on the look-out for new, innovative online shopping experiences that offer a gorgeous selection of clothes,  an easy browse-to-buy process & a strong customer connection. A site that ticks all three of these boxes is a site we’ll be happy to shop at.

That’s why we’re really loving Justfab at the moment. We were super excited to be offered the chance to select our favourite items of clothing to show off on our blog and Instagram, and, paired with out new editing style, Justfab has totally upped our Instagram game.

Justfab allows you to shop clothing by sections, as you would on a standard clothing website, but you can also browse ‘looks’, which sees JustFab’s clothing items merged into fabulous outfits for style inspo before you even click ‘check out’. I really love this feature on their website; when it came to choosing clothes, I was feeling overwhelmed by my never-ending list of selections and shopping the ‘looks’ section allowed me to make decisions based on the outfit pairings I liked the most.

After endless scrolling, I settled for a look that involved two gorgeous statement pieces- Zia Sneaker Shoes in black, and a Cold Shoulder Wrap Dress in valiant poppy. I liked that the look was a little edgier than my usual style- and the dress length was a little risky for me as I usually don’t opt for mid-length skirts.

I was right to take a risk with my purchase as I fell in love with the cold shoulder wrap dress the moment I tried it on!The detail is just beautiful, from the tie-belt around the waist, to the slit that reveals a little bit of leg, to the cold shoulder style sleeves.

The shoes are a little small (I’m a size 5 and ordered this size, but found I could have done with a bigger size, so I would suggest ordering a size up in shoes), but nothing too painful, and I love the way they gave the look a harder edge. Their colour scheme also means they’re likely to go with a lot of my outfits, which is great as I’m on a major shoe shortage at the moment!

What topped off this look is that Brad and I just happened to stumble upon the perfect shooting location during an afternoon walk- a vast, empty field of wheat. Instagram goals or what?!





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