Monochrome With A Splash of Colour

I’m probably not the only person who went to the summer sales planning to get loads of good deals- only to end up spending the majority of my money on non-sale items. I’m sure stores deliberately put all of their nicest new stock next to the sale rail to draw you in!

For that reason, although this blog post was supposed to be something along the lines of “the best summer sale buys of this year”, it’s turned into an appreciation post for the next season’s clothing range (which just happens to be gorgeous).

I won’t go into too much detail about my buys, as I’m sure I’ll be showing off my other purchases in future blog posts. But I will say, I made a huge mistake in going in Topshop on my trip, which I banned myself from doing a long time ago because a girl just can’t afford it.

That’s how I ended up with this pair of ever-so-slightly pricey monochrome stripe trousers, which I snatched off the rail and took to the till without even trying on (not recommended). Luckily, they fitted perfectly when I tried them on at home. What drew me in was not only the design, which is incredibly flattering, but also the material. I’m really not a fan of trousers made of thin, flimsy material that easily creases- call me lazy but I get fed up of having to get the iron out before every wear- and the material these particular trousers are made of has that expensive, non-crease feel that I just love.

I paired these with another new buy- a bow-sleeved top from H&M, to add a pop of colour to what otherwise could have been quite a dark outfit. It was one of those looks that I wasn’t sure about until I put it on, but ended up loving. I can’t find the particular top on their website despite it being new in, so I’ve linked a similar shirt which is in the New Look sale at the moment.

There was a lot of detail going on in this look and I didn’t feel the need to add much more, so I accessorized with some black mules from Select and a pair of black hoop earrings from a cute little store called Pom Earrings. I really loved this look and despite not spending my money on what I thought I would, my shopping trip left me excited to see what the high street stores have ready and waiting for us this autumn.



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