It’s all about the accessories

Okay, so I’m going to let you guys into a secret here. My wardrobe currently consists of around ten items. That’s right, a measly ten. Why? Because the rest of my clothes are currently packed and waiting to get back to uni.

Anyone who’s gone to uni knows the effort of packing their whole room up at the end of each year, piling it into your family car and lugging it home for the summer. Only for you then to have to repack again barely two months later and cart it all back again. So, in order to make my life a whole lot easier (some would say out of plain laziness), I decided to leave all of my clean outfits in my case for the summer, which happened to be most of them- not a wise idea for someone who owns a fashion blog.

Fear not, it’s only a month until I’m back at uni- and I’ll also be doing a huge clothes shop before I go, so expect to see some new purchases very soon!

Anyway, with the majority of my life packed away in cases, I thought it was best to let the accessories do the talking, and boy did they do just that.

I chose the colour of my Just Fab bag with Autumn in mind. We all know that the colour burgundy is hugely popular during Autumn time every year, so expect to see a lot more of this bag! I styled it with some white Primark sandals, a black bodysuit from Boohoo and an embroidered skirt, also from Primark.

Accessories-wise, I went without a necklace, letting the tie detail of my bodysuit do all the talking. However my ears felt a bit bare, so I added a delicate pair of earrings from Kaytie Wu.

More pics can be found on our Instagram. Thanks for reading!



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