Delicate Details with Kaytie Wu

Good afternoon lovelies! Where does the time go? It’s already been a good while since Em and I last did an update on here. Does anyone find life has a horrible way of getting in the way of what you love sometimes?

We also had to take a break off Instagram, as we felt we needed to creatively refresh ourselves and focus on making our feed better than ever. Anyone who also blogs and uses a social media platform for traffic will understand what we mean when we say Instagram can sometimes be more stressful than you would imagine. There’s lots of competition, and there’s a constant need to be on the same level as everyone else.

That said, taking ourselves away from the pressure was really helpful, and we’re back with a new editing style and a new outlook on our account in general! And what would be a better time to share with you our current jewellery brand obsession- Kaytie Wu.

A quick scan through Kaytie Wu’s website is all it takes to fall in love with the dainty, delicate jewellery designs. Think Pandora, but sparklier, daintier, and with a price tag that won’t bring tears to your eyes!

Choosing just one item from their website is near enough impossible, but my Oval CZ Bracelet in rose gold from Kaytie Wu’s minimalism collection ended up being the right choice. Embellished with a single CZ stone, the bracelet might be tiny, but it has that million-dollar feel that I adore in jewellery.


The packaging is also gorgeous- the bracelet came in a pale pink Kaytie Wu bag, which itself was nestled in a cute bag in the same colour. It just doesn’t feel the same, buying jewellery from a high-street store that doesn’t provide any more packaging than a cardboard strip. The little boxes and bags are what make the purchase extra special.


Being my clumsy self, I’ve only worn the bracelet a select few times, and have been terrified of losing it during every taking-off and putting-on process. The box is definitely a handy place for storage, if nothing else.

Em chose a gorgeous pair of silver diamante-studded earrings, which I can confirm she has been obsessively wearing ever since the day they came.


Their website is definitely worth checking out!

Talk soon,

Laur x


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