Anatomicals Face Masks With My Boyfriend

It’s no secret that boys are big fans of all things beauty and pampering, whether they like to admit to it or not. So when Anatomicals asked if we’d like to receive a few of their face masks, I knew that Brad would be totally up for it.

Being my boyfriend means pretty much signing up to be a personal photographer to me and Em, so I think it’s only fair that Brad can share some of our blogger benefits. The face masks arrived and we set our pamper date to an afternoon where we were both miraculously free (working 7 days a week means these afternoons are rare!).

As I’d already reviewed Anatomicals’ hair masks a couple of weeks earlier, I’d grown quite a love for the brand’s quirky packaging and lush smelling products. I was definitely not let down by the 4 face masks Em and I received, which came in an exotic range of scents- Hawaii five-glow, calming algae, toning cucumber and skin-boosting honey. Now how do you choose which one to use first from that selection?!

I eventually settled for the Hawaii five-glow, probably because I’m really missing traveling at the moment and wanted something to take me to a beach on a tropical island. The scent definitely didn’t disappoint- it was tropical, refreshing, and actually made me pretty hungry. The mask also felt cool and hydrating on my skin, which I would expect from a good-quality face mask.

Brad chose the calming algae face masks, which was similar to a clay mask in texture and colour. Luckily, it didn’t actually smell like seaweed; it had more of a cool, refreshing scent. When I asked Brad what he thought about his mask, he said: ‘Yeah, it wasn’t too bad, it was alright’, which I’m going to take as a compliment.


The instructions told us to leave the masks on for 15 minutes to ‘dry’. This was slightly confusing to us as after 15 minutes of relaxing, our masks were still as creamy as they had been when we’d first put them on. Maybe we’d layered too much on, but there was definitely nothing dry about our masks.

After lots of scrubbing, our masks were off, and our faces felt a little tingly (which I always attribute to being a good thing- it means the mask is having some effect, right?). A day later, and I haven’t had any new breakouts, which is very promising, as my skin is famous for disagreeing with the ingredients in face masks- so that’s a big thumbs up for using these masks on sensitive skin.

My skin is feeling less greasy than usual, particularly on my nose, which normally gets the worst of it. Anatomicals advise to use the masks once a week for a noticeable difference, so I may make a weekly habit of it and see if my skin benefits from it.

Anatomicals are branching out and now sell their facemasks in Topshop, if you’re looking to buy any for yourself. You can also check out more of their range at Asos, if you’re into any other skincare products.


2 thoughts on “Anatomicals Face Masks With My Boyfriend

  1. I always think its so lovely when men want to get involved with beauty and skincare! My boyfriend loves to put a face mask on, yet he wont tell any body, and he moisturises his face every day without fail! Sometimes I think he is better at his skincare than I am!xo

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