Stunning Customisable Bracelettes from Les Georgettes

It goes without saying that Laur and I are big fans of jewellery and anything that can really put a stamp on your outfit. So when we came across Les Georgette’s HUGE range of customisable jewellery, our jaws pretty much hit the floor.

Les Georgettes are a jewellery company based in Paris (which is cool enough in itself) who sell a wide range of accessories from rings to bracelets, and even have a super cute range called Les Miss Georgettes, for children. What makes them stand out from other companies is that everything they sell is customisable- meaning you choose the size, colour and pattern of your chosen jewellery piece. Not only that, but each piece of jewellery has a reversible leather band attached to it, meaning that you can potentially own three different jewellery pieces (one of each colour, and one without the band). How cool is that?!

From the minute we began to browse the website, Laur and I realised a problem that most of us have encountered at some point in our lives: we were well and truly spoilt for choice. After deciding on a bracelet each, the endless customisation opportunities kept us busy for longer than we’d like to admit. From choosing the size of the bracelet, to the design and the finish, to the colour of the reversible leather band, we were able to pretty much design our whole bracelets for ourselves.

After much umming and aahing, I decided on a large bracelet in the pattern Resille with a Rose Gold finish and a black and white reversible leather band. Laur decided on a medium sized bracelet with the pattern Labyrinthe, a rose gold finish and a pink and white leather band.

Processed with VSCO with m2 preset

The bracelets arrived in beautiful cases and were also packaged with gift bags- perfect for if you’re buying one as a present for somebody. We both agreed that they had a really high-end feel to them- the quality of the finish and the slight weighty feel of each piece felt luxurious.

Each piece of jewellery came to around £100 and is definitely a worthy investment. Boyfriends- imagine how special creating a bracelet for your girlfriend would be! This to me is an amazing birthday present or Christmas idea- Pandora better watch out.

Everywhere I go, I find myself putting on my bracelet- the versatility of it means that it matches with pretty much every outfit I wear. I also love how personal these feel, with it being something that we were able to pretty much fully design for ourselves. Navigating the online shop was easy, and once ordered our bracelets arrived quickly. The bracelets looked gorgeous in all of our photographs, and we were so proud to be one of the first to show the UK a brand that’s going to be a huge name in this country very soon.

Disclaimer: Although we are sponsored by Les Georgettes, all opinions are our own.


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